Looking after your New Puppy







      All our pups are pedigreed, those on the main register may be shown or bred from, however, at this tender age we cannot guarantee show quality, as a crooked ear or tooth, or a genetic fault, could preclude breeding or a show career. Puppies on the limited register are able to participate in all the other available dog sports.








Always pick up your puppy under the body. NEVER PICK YOUR PUP UP BY THE LEGS. Teach the kids how to carry him now. 






Feed approximately an amount the size of the puppy’s head!


Airedales need a LOW FAT and LOW PROTIEN diet.


Your puppy has three meals a day. These may consist of:


            “Supercoat” puppy dry dog food soak in water (pink and black bag)


            Warmed mince steak


            Wheatbix and milk


It can graduate to add vegetables, pasta, rice and tinned tuna.


The adult diet is based on “BONNY” or ‘’SUPERCOAT’’ dry food with raw skinless chicken necks or frames, “ECOPET SAUSAGE” and tuna. You can feed one or two meals a day. Raw marrowbones and raw chicken are safe to feed your dog.


DO NOT FEED SWEETCORN; DO NOT FEED COD LIVER OIL. Some vets may recommend “EUCANUBA” it is far too high in fat for an Airedale.


Canned food takes off weight and rarely contains meat.








Your puppy has been vaccinated with “CSL” vaccine. They are temporary; its next vaccinations are due at twelve weeks of age. Discuss them with your Vet now. The latest research suggests you do not need to vaccinate your pup after twelve months of age. You do not need to vaccinate annually. Over vaccination causes autoimmune diseases. Kennel cough vaccination lasts about three months and does not cover the many strains of this virus.








Your puppy has been wormed with “combantrim” and “Droncit”. It has not been started on heartworm prevention; you need to discuss this with your Vet








Your Vet will want to neuter your puppy early. This is not necessary as Airedale bitches rarely come into season before twelve months of age and often not till eighteen months. Guide dogs are neutered after twelve months to allow them to grow up. Have your bitch spayed at about nine months not five.




Dogs start to raise their legs at about nine months, so neuter them earlier if you don’t want them to mark their territory.








Your pup needs a bed of his own which he can escape to if the games get rough, if he gets a fright, or if he is tired. Puppies need a lot of sleep. Let his bed be his place of safety even if he rules the house as well. Trampoline beds and beanbags are great, baskets are delicious. His outside kennel needs to be close to the back door or he will not use it. It must have a tiny doorway to keep out the cold.  








Airedale puppies try to be clean, they will puddle as far from their own bed as possible. This may be the lounge room. Airedale puppies puddle when they wake up, after each meal and every half hour in between. You will need to put the puppy out for each of these.








Your puppy needs a negative response to “howling”. A water pistol or one centimetre of water in the bottom of a cup can be an effective deterrent.








You need a nametag and collar on your puppy today. His lead must be light. He can graduate to choke chain that must be only slightly looser, three inches, than his collar.










You can start training your pup today, when you have his attention step closer to him and say “sit”. He will usually sit to look up, push his rear down if he doesn’t. You must reward him instantly.






Always call him with a word for dinner if you are going to feed him and always reward him if you tell him dinner is on.






If you intend to let him off the lead for walks start now while you can still out run him. Take treats on his walk and reward him when he comes.


DO NOT CALL HIM WHEN HE SEES ANOTHER DOG. He will ignore you and find out he is the boss off lead.


You need to put him back on the lead before he meets temptation or wait until he is tired of the new dog, before you call him for his treat. Do not let him fail coming.




FLEXI LEADS are wonderful if you want to exercise your pup on lead.






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