Royal Show Results

At Australian Royal Shows Oldiron Terriers have amassed
 3 Best in Show and Three BIS 3rds
20 Best Terriers and
64 In Group Awards

At Melbourne Royal Show Oldiron Terriers have a unique Record
1 BIS 3rd, 2 Puppy in Shows & 1 Baby Puppy in Show
8 Best Terriers and 26 other In Group Wins
26 Airedale Terrier Best of Breeds
In Group wins with Airedale Terriers, Irish Terriers and Norfolk Terriers


At  Sydney Royal Easter Show Oldiron Terriers have won

5 Terrier Reserve in Groups, 1 Terrier Group 3rd & 1 Terrier Group 4th

1 Puppy in Show and 2 Best Terrier Puppy award

 At  Canberra Royal Show 
1 Best in Show plus 3 Best Terriers
4 further Reserve Best Terrier & 1 Baby Puppy in Show

At  Adelaide Royal Show 
Twice BIS 3rd and 2 Best Terriers
4 times Terrier Group 2nd and twice Terrier Group 3rd and 1 Best Opposite Sex

At  Perth Royal Show 
2 Terrier Group 1st and twice Terrier Group 2nd 
At  Hobart Royal Show 
2 Best in Show, 3 Best Terriers and 2 Terrier Group 2nd 
Rebel, Ch Oldiron Pitch Perfect in 2023 won both Best in Show at Hobart Royal Show and Reserve in the Terrier Group at Queensland Royal Show. She was also Best Terrier puppy at the 2022 Melbourne Royal Show
Danya / Supreme Ch, Ukranian Ch & Moldovan Ch Est Etium Ore Uno in 2016 won both Best in Show at Hobart Royal Show, Best in the Terrier Group at Perth Royal Show and 3rd in the Terrier group at Sydney Royal Easter Show.  

Boomer / Ch Oldiron Boomerang is our latest Terrier group winner at Melbourne Royal Show in 2008 when he also completed the unique double of Puppy in Show at both Melbourne and Sydney Royal Shows in the one Year. He has complimented this with Terrier Group 3rd in 2012 and a third BoB in 2010. He also has an Adelaide Royal Terrier Group 3rd in to his credit in 2010.


Justis / Grand Champion Oldiron Just Awsome was our greatest winner at Royal Shows with a Best in Show 3rd, 2 Best Terriers and 4 Best of Breeds at Melbourne Royal Show. At Canberra Royal he was once Best Terrier and twice Reserve in the Terrier Group, At Adelaide he was also twice 2nd in the Terrier Group. 


Sivert / Australian Grand, International, Nordic, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish Champion Stall Mascot Discman was easily the biggest winning Norfolk Terrier at Australian Royal Shows. Sivert was BIS 3rd at Adelaide Royal, 3 times Reserve in the Terrier Group and once Group 4th at Sydney Royal. At Melbourne Royal he was both Terrier Group 2nd and 3rd.




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