With 14 new babies Millie appreciated all the help she could get from 5 year old Xavier.

 You are invited to visit us at Oldiron Park and meet all our Airedales to give them a hug or a ball game.

We do all appropriate health checks  and of course our well fed Airedale babies are wormed, vaccinate and microchipped before they leave us. All we can do, we do.

We give our Airedales their first trim free and are always available for help with grooming for showdogs. An Airedale trimmed a couple of times a year will not shed hair and is great for people with allergies

You will be able to board your Airedale where our Airedales board.

We are available to give help and advice for he LIFE of your Airedale pup. Before you even consider an Airedale for your family you must be sure you have TIME to spend with it.

We have had Oldiron Champions in six different countries and every state in Australia so sending healthy pups interstate is not a problem. We have a reputation to protect. American and Australian Champion Oldiron Margaret River became the Breed record holder (Biggest winning Airedale Ever) when she went to America. In Australia she was handled to many of her best wins including Top Victorian Terrier Puppy by 13 year old Claire Tyler. English and Australian Champion Oldiron One in a Million is the first and only Australian Airedale to get her English title.

Dual Champion Oldiron It's Ben is the only Dual champion, winning at shows and obedience in Australia.

A great showdog wants to please it's owner. It is obedient. It tolerates all kinds of other dogs and all kinds of people and kids. It puts up with grooming, travelling and sleeping in strange places. It just wants to enjoy what you enjoy. The perfect temperament for a family pet!

We support Airenet, the tireless team that Rescue and Re-home Airedales in need. We intend that they should never be bothered with an Oldiron Airedale as we are happy to care for any of our dogs while we re-home them, if their owners should be unable to continue to care for them



In 2020 & 2021 our Airedales only attende a hanfull of shows shows because of the Corona Virus Pandemic. However, International and Supreme Champion Oldiron Easy Peasy did manage Runner Up Best Terrier at the 2020 Canberra Royal Show. The 2021 Canberra Royal Show was Judged by Anne. At the only 2 shows in Victoria we attended in this period Oldiron King of the Road (Kenny) started his career with a Junior in Show and a Runner up in Group at KCC Park.   At this stage we do not expect to be able to attend any further shows in 2021. 

In Australia
In 2019 Supreme Ch Oldiron Easy Peasy finished the year as Australias top Terrier Bitch, Australias No 1 Terrier Rising Star and Australias No 1 Airedale Show dog and Rising Star. Her 2019 results included 6 Best in Shows & Best in the Terrier Group at Hobart Royal making her the 6th generation of Oldiron Airedales to win a Royal Show Best in the Terrier Group. She was also Best in Show at the Sporting Terrier Club of Tasmania and R/U in Show at the Terrier Club of South Australia. Easy first all breeds BIS was awarded by terrier specialist Simon Mills when he judged his first All Breeds Best in Show.

Anne and Easy winning Best in Show at Red Cliffs under Judge Lyndal Black

While Donny has only been show a few times in 2019 he became first Australian Airedale to qualify as an International Champion. He also returned to the ring for the Terrier extravaganza weekend in June and was Best in Show at The Sporting Terrier Club of Victoria Championship show from an entry of almost 250 terriers under Terrier Specialist judge Vesa Lehtonen from Finland. 

In New Zealand

In New Zealand Gus, NZ Ch Oldiron Drivetime, owned, prepared and handled by Janice Parr and David Price is the No 2 Rising Star All Breeds and No 1 Rising Star Terrier in New Zealand. Against the adults he is the No 2 Terrier Show Dog of the Year at the half way mark. In the photo below Gus and Janice are shown winning R/U in Show at New Plymouth.



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