Maremma Sheepdog Husbandry

   The incorrect handling of the Maremma Sheepdog is particularly acute in Australia and has led to the development of chronic problems in these dogs through no fault of their own. Too many dogs, taken on as companion animals, or misinformed and misguided property owners, are eventually surrended and left to rescue organisations who need to treat the dogs' neuroses and rehome them. A full and complete understanding of the innate character of a Maremma Sheepdog, and a willingness to make concessions towards the dog's needs, is a mandatory attitude for prospective Maremma Sheepdog owners.  

   An understanding of a Maremma Sheepdog's innate ability and need to behave as a livestock protection animal must lead to concessions being made for its health and welfare. The practices and processes adopted by puppy owners wishing to raise their dog as a companion animal or a show dog need to allow the puppy to be a Maremma Sheepdog first; i.e., a working, guardian dog, and a pet second.

   The Maremma Sheepdog does not respond to, or cope with, having its role as a guardian dog being usurped. Maremma Sheepdog owners must be prepared to make an extra effort towards managing the dog's barking and its active protection behaviour, particularly the assertive guarding of its owner, family or livestock.

Road Test: The Maremma Sheepdog

Here is a link to an adequately accurate summary of the Maremma Sheepdog.,their%20shepherds%20in%20that%20country. 


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