Welcome to "Flynnch's" Photo Album

Welcome to "Flynnch's" Photo Album.

29/5/2007 - 30/05/2021

Arawn Autumn Stone 4100151297 Pedigree


"I was nowhere
Till you changed my mind
Love is sent through being good to you."

The Autumn Stone -The Small Faces 

Dog Angels from Heaven

Came by here today

And Asked for my blessing 

To take you away


First born of Arawn

From Champion lines

Eyes bright as the dawn

And courage in nines


A friend beyond measure

Protector supreme

A working dog marvel

In ivory and cream


Search the pink clouds

In Annwyn's vast skies

Run with your kennel mates

Be patient and wise


One day, when I call out

Come running again

To be by my side

And forever remain


If there is a Heaven

Filled with Saints and with men

I'd forgo it all

Just to see you again 



Dog Angels from Heaven,

Came by here today.

And prayed for my Blessing,

To take you away.


First born of Arawn,

From Champion lines

Eyes bright as the dawn,

With courage in nines.


A friend beyond measure,

Protector supreme.

A working dog marvel,

In ivory and cream


Search the pink clouds,

In Annwyn’s vast skies.

Run with your kennel mates,

Be patient and wise.


One day, when I call out,

Come running again.

To be by my side,

And forever remain.


If there is a Heaven,

Filled with Saints, and with men.

I’d forgo it all,

Just to see you again.



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