Australian Champion Allarme Arctic Gem

Welcome to "Sooki's" Photo Album.
9/11/2004 - 10/2/2013 

Allarme Arctic Gem aka 'Sooki'

gained the Title of Australian Champion

from the ANKC on June 28, 2006

Australian Champion Allarme Arctic Gem 3100141005 Pedigree


My satin coated Princess,

Holy heiress of white,

Who gave time its sweetness,

And brightness to light.


Dear lover of puppies,

Always happy to great,

Strange canines and people,

Out in the street.


Mother of Workers,

Companions and Sires,

With soft, placid heart,

And simple desires.


Now resplendent in Glory,

Outshining Day's light,

You were taken too early,

To Arawn's noble plight.


Be faithful and worthy,

Look down from above,

While waiting there knowing,

We believe in your love.


Be One with us always,

Help us to never forget,

That the doorway to Heaven,

Can be found in a Pet.

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Ganmain, NSW, Australia
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