Welcome to "Chali's" Photo Album

Welcome to "Chali's" Photo Album.

July 19, 2008 - August 24, 2012

Arawn Bladewyn Chalice 2100281610 Pedigree


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My dog centred guardian,
A companion divine,
Has courage and loyality,
Far greater than mine.

Arise in the Autumn,
At the baying of Hounds,
And make clear our path,
To bring wrong to grounds.

Go now, find your Hounds,
Whom rule Annwyn skies,
Be swift, take your station,
And ring out your cries.

And forgive us, our faults,
As we forgave yours,
Run proud with Arawn,
On white, feathered paws.

Be there to great us,
Big Bro, Mum and Dad,
And when you see Daddy,
Please don't be mad?

Somethings are forewritten,
To which we are witness,
Like your window to Heaven,
For a 'time out of time' princess.

All our love, forever, my cherry pink angel. 


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