We proudly present Shadow

 Adlihtam Mark Of Zorro


Shadow was originally known as the 'Orange Boy' pup & lives in New South Wales with Aaron & Zoe & their young children Austin & Elisha.

Zoe tells me that Shadow just keeps growing & growing!!! Their son Austin & Shadow are the best of friends. Shadow is a quiet boy & is happiest spending time with Austin & Elisha.

He is currently in advanced training at Hanrob (guide dog & customs training company) to eventually obtain his companion dog card so that he can visit hospitals etc.

He loves to go on family outings - his favourite when they go for coffee as he is a people magnet & gets plenty of attention & pats from the public.  Zoe tells me that they counted 60 people on 1 trip alone.

Shadow has continued on as a true water babe - even at the tender age of 4 weeks he would stand in the drinking bowl.  He was the largest pup of the litter so we are very excited to see how Shadow matures. We are over the moon that he has become such a treasured member of Aaron & Zoe's family & has formed a wonderful loving bond with their young children - something Leos are renowned for! J



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South East Region, VIC, Australia
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