The 'Bass' Singleton Litter - 2013


The 'Bass' Litter


A beautiful singleton boy - born on Wednesday 16th October 2013.   Tragically he passed away at the vets a short time after birth.   His heartbroken future owner (Lyn) named him Burton.


We are very grateful to Dr Stuart Mason, Dr Nicole Rous & the entire team at Monash Vets for their efforts & their support during this entire journey.


Heartfelt thanks to our friends - Lyn Dickins of Derbeyshire Leonbergers NZ, Fran Baars of Skyewood Leonbergers NZ & most especially Georgia Hogg of Ursiform Leonbergers - VIC.


Many thanks to Lyn for all of the photos of Bass.

  Please click on an image to view the large version. 


Contact Details

Graham & Lyndsay Clarke
South East Region, VIC, Australia
Email : [email protected]