We proudly introduce Aster


Adlihtam Rose Bud By Rowanoak (AI) 


Aster was the only girl from this litter & we took one look at her & knew she just had to stay here with us - it was love at first sight !!

She is growing into a beautiful young girl, very cheeky but so loving.  We absolutely adore her.

Unfortunately, Aster was born with a severely damaged tail - broken in two places.  She was examined by our vets & also by an orthopaedic specialist.  Based upon their advice we elected to have the damaged tail amputated.

Aster has recovered incredibly well from the surgery & now has the cutest little wiggly waggly stump.  We are very grateful to Dr Mark Foley at Monash Vets for his guidance & expertise. 

The loss of her tail means that she can't be shown but does not preclude her from possible future breeding.   We requested our vet to take full xrays of Aster's spine, hips & pelvis to ensure that the damage to the tail was just an isolated issue.  We were very relieved to be told that all was perfectly normal.   Aster will be genetically screened when she is older to see if she can contribute to the Australian gene pool - especially given the unique lines we have in her stunning daddy Rowan (German & Netherlands Champion Rosaceae Leonurus).

Aster has been tested for LPN1 & LPN2 & returned Clear (N/N) results for both DNA tests. 



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Graham & Lyndsay Clarke
South East Region, VIC, Australia
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