1st Birthday Party - The Zorro Kids

Happy Birthday !!!!

Saffy & Zorro's babes celebrated their 1st birthday on Saturday 13th November 2010.

Gracie hosted a birthday party for her Vic based brothers & sister.

Elim, Moira & Shadow were all sent a few birthday treats & they had very happy birthday's with their families. 

We also remembered with love our precious little boy Rocky & his baby brother 'Brown Boy' who both left us far too soon & are reunited at the rainbow bridge.

The weather wasn't kind - pouring rain - but we all made the most of it & the Leos throroughly enjoyed their party - they were soaking wet & covered in mud - perfect conditions for Leos J

Many thanks to Georgia for bringing along Milton, Zumba & Clancy & for taking all of the fantastic photos. 

Big thank you to Jac & Trent for bringing Brenin & his 'extended' family, Mary, Rob Ashleigh & Liam.  (Mary was very generous & made up a scrumptious cheese platter for the humans & a giant doggy treat platter for the Leos.  Thank you Mary !!!)

Big thank you to Tania for coming along with Ramius to celebrate the pups birthday.  Ramius had a pressie for all of his brothers & sisters at the party.

Huge thanks to Megs, Stu, Kayla & Daniel for coming along to the party with Keira & Bart.  It was a big effort on their part & I am very grateful as it made all the difference having Keira join her siblings.  It was great to have the kid's buddy Nathan join in the fun too.

Thank you to Hennie & Kath for joining in the fun also & extra special thanks to Kath for Gracies yummy birthday treats.

Thank you to Judy & Stuart for bringing Molly along (despite Judy battling an awful cold) and saving the biggest thanks of all to Judy who made the most amazing doggy birthday cake for the kids to enjoy !!!!!!



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