The 'Bass' Litter - 2013

The 'Bass' Litter


On Wednesday 16th October 2013, just before 8am, Rose delivered a gorgeous boy puppy by c-section.  All went to plan - quick surgery with no complications and the puppy was healthy, strong & active. 

He was having no problem finding a teat & latching on to Rose. He was quite vocal & a real personality. Due to the surgery Rose wasn't producing a lot of milk so our Vet asked one of the nurses to give him a tube feed. That all went well and after filling his belly he was placed back into the humidicrib to keep him warm whilst Rose recovered.

When the time came to head home I took Rose out to the van & Graham went to collect the pup. He looked fine & the nurse removed him from the humidicrib. Whilst being carried over to the travel box he suddenly & without warning went limp and his heart stopped beating. The team at Monash Vets worked for 45 minutes to try & revive Rose's precious pup. They were able to get his heart beating again on 2 occasions but he crashed each time - he couldn't be saved.

We are very grateful to Dr Stuart Mason, Dr Nicole Rous & the entire team at Monash Vets for their efforts & their support during this entire journey.

We are utterly devastated & grief stricken, as is Lyn in NZ who owns Bass, the Sire of the puppy.

Our focus now is on Rose to help her recover fully & quickly. We hope that her grief will be minimal.

Heartfelt thanks to all those who have supported us through this process - with extra special thanks to our friends - Lyn Dickins of Derbeyshire Leonbergers NZ, Fran Baars of Skyewood Leonbergers NZ & most especially Georgia Hogg of Ursiform Leonbergers - VIC.


We decided to breed Rose due to the fact that we knew she would contribute greatly to the very limited Australian gene pool AND because we wished to expand our own Leo family.

The Sire of the litter is a magnificent Leo named Bass - NZ CH Leonz Wicked Worthington By Skyewood.   We are incredibly grateful to his owners, Lyn Dickins & Fran Baars for their guidance & amazing support with our plans to breed Rose with Bass.

Rose was inseminated with chilled semen collected from Bass & shipped over to Australia.  The AI was done by TCI (transcervical insemination) to give Rose the best chance of a successful mating.

Both Rose and Bass are LPN1 clear (N/N) & have excellent health results, however the breeding was done with the utmost emphasis on temperament.

Please scroll down for photos of Bass, Rose & their beautiful baby boy.  He only lived for about 2 hours but he was very much loved & wanted by us all.   RIP darling boy.

Please refer to Rose's page or follow this link for her health test results & pedigree - click here 

Please follow this link for Bass' health test results & pedigree - click here 


Many thanks to Lyn for all of the photos of Bass.

  Please click on an image to view the large version. 


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