My Enriched Life with Boxers

Butch (who paved the way for them all)


In 1982 my sister Pauline got permission to buy me my first dog for my Birthday. A trip to Yagoona Pound was organised for the whole family.

I had dreams of an Irish Setter (Escape artistsmum would dismiss)

Pug (It says in this book they will be bribed away by anyone with foodmum pointed out)

Keshound - No comment from mum..looked like a winner.

 So off we trot to the pound.  Luck and there was actually a Keshound there.

As I stood admiring him the crys of ...

MUUUUMMMMMmmmmn MUUUMmmmmnnn MUM Mum MUM!!! Came travelling to our ears.  I Just thought it was some distraught child. My her dieing day..could not resist a call of MUM! And she dragged me across the yard to be confronted by the first and most ugly Boxer I had ever seen. The Mumming burst forth from his lips, and to be quite honest.. I was a little scared of him. He was skeletal, ribs and hips sticking out and he was desperate. Butch he was called, and he came home with us under strong encouragement from my mother.

He soon settled in and became my best and most loyal mate. He was at first beautiful from only the inside, and then, as his health returned he bloomed into a handsome dog.

He could really yodel, and aside from Mum which he literally used to summon us, he could sound out yes no “bread and why

 Visualise this - My mother in the kitchen - and a white dog at the flyscreen door.


I am busy Butch

Mum Mum Mum!

What do you want?


OKWant me to butter it for you

Meeessssssss (off he would go with his bread5 minutes later.)


I saw you bury that! No more!

LOL - I have not had the privilege of another talker!

He was a Master Tug o War player.  Billy cart dog, could untie knots and would untie a hostage (tied to a chair).  You could signal him and he would sneak commando style so as not to be seen.  Such were the games I taught him.

He was an excellent guard dog, and had that uncanny Boxer ability to know when his services were required.  

One Saturday night (we lived right across from the train station in Macquarie Fields and there were no phone boxes)  a particularly determined drunk man came bashing at our front door wanting to use our phone at 2 am in the morning.  We all lay low.  As we did not let him in he started calling us names and made his way to the back of the house that was fenced off with a big sheet iron gate dad had made.  Butch was on the other side, and Butch knew where to jump on the gate to spring it open.  I heard the drunk go past my window making a racket and then there was this almighty roar more like a lion than a dog, followed abruptly by Butch making contact with the gate that went off like a giant gong! A second roar and the gong went off again as Butch was trying to open the gate...the drunk needless to say scurried away swearing all the harder, and not to return, and peace returned to the night with just a few quite remaining murmers and mums from Butch as he settled down for the night by the gate.

Another time (I was in my teens) a girl bully from my school was walking with her much older boyfriend when she spied me walking on the other side of the road.  Butch was off lead and beside me.  The Bully girl loudly told her boyfriend to go over and rough me up a bit.  He came over but I did not have time to be alarmed, Butch had attached himself to the bottoms of the guys jeans (he was around 18) and with mighty heaves was pulling him away from me (by the jeans).  Each heave was followed by a ferocious growl.  The guy called out "call him him off, I'll leave you alone!"  I remember wondering if I could call him off.  "Butch, Come!" I called calmly... and Butch spat out the jeans from his mouth and promptly shot back to my side.  I was sooo proud.

Very much missed he passed on young from cancer.

He was white, and he was a rescue. But he has never left my heart and has paved the way for them all.



I bought Nero from a Backyard breeder - not knowing any better ..and I paid top dollar for him too considering you average show dog was going for $300 - 350 at the time and I paid $300.

He was a beautiful dog with a beautiful body.. but he had, as you can see fly ears, and to my shock I could not show him as his parents were not registered. What?….. but I had been told his parents came from championship lines?

 Learning curve number one. And now I was on the road to learning everything I could about the breed.

Nero. . .was a well mannered and obedient dog. But he was re homed as a two year old when we along with other family - moved to Tasmania. We had no way of knowing what facilitites would be ours or how long it would take to buy houses and get yards ready etc.

 After the move came



Ascameda Hothouse Hana

I am very grateful to Darryl and Desley Free of Ascameda Boxer Kennels for getting me set up with my first beautiful pedigreed Boxer, and being such excellent mentors.Hana was a great bitch in her own right.  Understand I do not use the slang and deroggative here..she was great. 

She excelled at obedience training with me and  travelled many thousands of KM's from dog show to dog show.  She loved the water and would swim out to surfers on their boards to say hello, she would dive for seaweed.

When dad got older she would heel with him alongside his gopher when he went to the shop or took her for a walk.When she was about 12 months old we went to the Boxer Specialty in Hobart.  She toileted before we left but refused to on the trip.  We arrived home 15 hours later and she shot in to the back yard with a huge look of relief as she let fly.  An incredible feat of holding on...


Another time when she was around 3 - 4 years old we went to visit friends who had one of Hana's daughters, and Hana had grand puppies on the ground.   Hana was left inside with the lady of the house and their toddler who had commenced climbing all over Hana and pulling her ears.   The Toddlers mum said nothing, and it was not my house to say anything, so as dog slobber mingled with baby slobber I went out to view the pups.  

On returning back in to the house with the toddlers dad, he thought the toddler was being to rough with Hana and calling out the childs name and growling a "NO" he stepped forward to lightly slap and make a noise on the copious nappy.The toddler was a little startled, and flopped down on his bum. 

Hana had sprung in to action to defend this two legged puppy she had been given charge of however.  Growling and standing between the Toddler and the father she said in no uncertain terms the father had to back off.  We were amazed, but respectful of this act.. even though the father could not approach the toddler for the rest of the visit. 

The following visit all was forgiven.  

Once I had a run in with the police,  it was getting dark and I was heading home with Hana asleep in the back,  when I saw police pulling over cars on the opposite side.   I could see no action on my side so driving slowly in case I was required I kept going.  

Suddenly a policeman was running after my car and yelling

"and where do you think you are going!?"

I stopped, wound the window down on my XC Falcon and apologised for I had not seen anyone wave me down.   I was asked for my licence, but by this time it was so dark, and my cabin light did not work,  I had difficulty finding the licence in my trendy large and cluttered handbag.  I told him my cabin light did not work and again apologised.

Sarcastically and with impatience the policeman said

"havn't you got a licence?"  and abruptly pushed his head and upper body in through the window, making me thrust back in to the bucket seat to avoid him.


Suddenly I hear a low growl and Hana has popped her head up between the bucket seats and is nose to nose with the policeman, who just as abruptly whips his upper body out of the window. 

At this point he offered me the light of his torch and where upon I found the licence, it was inspected and I was let go.

After that I kept a tourch in the car.It was a rattling experience for me, but in relating this experience I would like to point out that I have the greatest respect for our police persons and understand they are doing their job as best they can.



New Years Eve 2000, the local news was predicting all sorts of warnings of break ins when people were away partying. 

I was parnoid to leave the house so a male friend and I cooked up a scheme to leave my car visible at home and we would go in his car. Added to that we ramped up the stereo, and let Master Max in to house-sit while we were gone. 

Our dinner dishes left in the sink, house occupied by Max and we took off for two or three hours.

On arriving back home, we left the car on the street and thought to sneak in and make a racket to see what Max would do...

.....which was absolutely nothing.  He was in a state of bliss.  He either knew it was us..or he was off in a world of his own. 

Entering the house he was to be found in the armchair (my dogs are not allowed up on the furniture) his tail was wagging in time to the music, he had that classic Boxer smile on his face. 

The kitchen looked like a bomb had hit it.  He had managed to get the dishes out of the sink which he had licked clean, and he had gotton in to the pantry by pulling on my plastic bag holder that was hanging on the handle...there was flour, bread bags and crumbs and cereal everywhere that he had sampled.  And dishes carefully put down on the floor from the sink. Aside from shock..we could only laugh.....and start cleaning up.



Dogs take TV seriously...well some do.  

Charlotte is only allowed to watch 'G' rated TV...Why you may ask..well I am more than happy to share this little story with you.

We were watching a movie of a Swiss couple who went to Africa.  

On arrival there the "girlfriend" saw a Masi Warrior and fell for him so strongly she separated from her boyfriend and stayed in a village until the Masi Warrior came to claim her.  And claim her he did in a very physical and unromantic way.  

The female actress was so convincing in her distress and the male actor so abrupt and insensitive that Charlotte had leapt to her feet and before we knew what was happening was growling and rushing the TV to defend the woman from the 'bad man".  

We had to banish her to another room.  

Even now we sensor what "she" watches.




















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