Is a Boxer for You?

Feb 1907 German Boxer Postcard


I have written this piece as I am repeatedly being asked is a Boxer good for a family.  The short answer is yes, and all of the information I provide below can be independantly researched. But here is a short history so you know what shapes our Boxers character.

The Boxer is a Utility breed in Australia and a Working breed in much of the rest of the world.  These are his "working classifications".  He has performed many functions throughout his history.  His forebears the Bullenbeisser, Barenbeisser were hunting dogs and family companions, the early British Bulldog, much more athletic than he is today baited bulls (as did the Bullenbeisser also). 

Bulldog 4th Oct 1917 (Postcard)


His job was to catch and hold onto the prey or Bull, until his master came and finished the job.  That is why his mouth is so unique.  It is able to catch and to hold.  These traits are still in the breed today. 

Later the Boxer performed guard duty for the army, carried messages, tracked and was used to attack the enemy by stealth, catch and hold...catch the man at the end of the enemy line and hold for the master (Soldier) to come.  This is why plain boxers were favoured for their camoflage where white would have easily been seen.  In Europe today he is still trained in Schutzhund and proving his guarding and tracking abilitys.  He is used as a police dog.

In America He is used sometimes as a guide dog.

And in countries all over the world he is a loyal and steadfast family companion and guardian...and loveable clown. He is a utility dog, this means capeable of being and doing many things.

He is an intelligent "thinking" breed capeable of assessing a situation and making an independent decision, and a good judge of character.

This clever mind needs to be trained and kept active and puppy school and dog training are a must to help him be the best he can be and know what his job is.  Just like a child he won't know his ABC's unless you teach him. And he wants to please.


My first Boxer Butch, master of tug o war, untieing knots and hostages, billy cart musher and loyal friend and defender.


He is good with children as an adult, but as a puppy needs children to be good with him, he too needs time to grow up and understand.  And he should be treated well even as an adult for he will be their/your most loving and loyal companion to his last breath and heartbeat.

He should have a warm house to sleep in or a sturdy kennel with a compartment that he can escape the weather (Particularly in Icy Tasmania)  as he has only one coat not 3 layers like some other breeds.

A Boxer is a family member. 

What you put in to a dog is what you will get out of him.

Keep checking my links page as as I come across a good European web site I will post a link.  Translations can be made in Bablefish, but generally I look for ones whose pictures tell a story.

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